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Most of the sustainability work shown below is financed by our partners La Marzocco, Probat and Hemro and implemented by Utengule Estates Ltd. This support is of high significance to the local communities particularly the children's education and safe drinking water.

Schools renovated

Boreholes constructed

Hectares of nature reserve

Our Social Agenda


Utengule strictly follows the employment legislation of Tanzania, pays fair wages and ensures social contributions. Education in rural areas is the key to the development and betterment of the economy. Therefore the efforts of Utengule concentrate fully on the improvement of schools. The concept consists of partnerships with the villages, whereby Utengule contributes with hardware, transport and supervision, and the villages provide workmanship and labour. Several schools were renovated in collaboration with private donors. Children in these villages have now good classrooms for a better learning environment.

Schools & Sports

We will continue supporting our neighbour villages with school renovation or construction as well as other direct support.


We will continue supporting our neighbour villages with the construction of boreholes to enable access to clean drinking water.

Our Environmental Agenda

Utengule Estates cultivates only about 40% of its land with coffee. 10% are tracks and buildings, while the rest consists of fully stocked woodland, wetland and rivers. These ecological zones contain vast biodiversity and are especially interesting because the dry areas feature a different biostructure than the wet areas along streams and in the swamps.


Utengule takes great pride in this rich stock of trees, flowers and fruits and makes every effort to preserve it for future generations. The integration of coffee fields into the original biosphere creates a stable situation, and the farm operates with a minimal amount of agrochemicals. Chemical plant protection is only applied if a pest or disease surpasses an economic threshold and becomes a threat to production. Workers are bound to wear protective gear.


Utengule has dedicated 30% of its land to biodiversity conservation. These are zones of compensation wherein flora and fauna remain largely undisturbed. The prevailing typical Miombo forest contains many tree species with unusual shapes and beautiful seeds, some of them looking like giant beans.

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